It's Not Too Late to Get Your World Space Week Groove On...

  • Oct 8, 2014 7:14am GMT

It's World Space Week! Grab your friends and do something spacey! Like going to "Finding Earth's Twin"- a free public lecture in London, Ontario, Tonight at 7 pm. Or if you are the in the San Francisco Bay Area this Saturday night, I highly recommend getting tickets to Kenji Williams' Bella Gaia, a live ensemble global music performance set to visually stunning images of the Earth from space that tells the story of astronauts and the perspective they have given us on our home planet and all its diverse cultures. (They will also have upcoming performances in Florida and Washington D.C. so check it out!)

In honor of World Space Week, Visuo published a fact for each planet in our Solar System. My favorite? There is a crater on Mercury that equals the distance from Florida to New York City! I am very grateful that rock didn't hit Earth! (helping the awesome B612 Foundation keep working towards asteroid detection/protection is another great thing you can do in honor of World Space Week!)

CNN did a feature on the nine coolest space Twitter accounts and I concur that you need to be following @Astro[underscore]Reid and @Astro[underscore]Alex who are on ISS right now to get Reid's first-ever "space-vines" (6 second videos) and their live tweeting of their space walks!

Also if you want to go into space yourself (and bring along three friends!) you have until the end of the month to win a chance to fly on Virgin Galactic thanks to Land Rover! Just go to to upload your video explaining what adventure means to you and tag the three Facebook friends you want to take with you!

Spaceship Earth Grants also launched a crowd-funded campaign to award scholarships for near-space and suborbital spaceflights to people who want to use their flights to make a difference for the world. There is a fee to apply for the scholarship and they are accepting applications through the end of the year.

If you are in L.A. I also highly recommend the LACMA African Cosmos: Stellar Arts exhibit.. They have a video that takes you on a deep dive through the over 200,000 galaxies found in the COSMOS 2-degrees-of-the-sky (i.e. just a tiny portion of the night sky) survey that just keeps going farther and farther from earth and flying past galaxy after galaxy after galaxy and it's just a tiny fraction of the universe. It was enough to melt my brain! There is a version online (without sound), but the one with its own small room at LACMA is worth the trip!