Land Rover's Galactic Discovery Competition Could Launch You and Three Friends to Space

  • Sep 3, 2014 11:00am GMT

Today Land Rover opened a worldwide competition to send one intrepid adventurer and three of their friends into space. Winners will be flown to Virgin Galactic's U.S. launch site, Spaceport America, in southern New Mexico and take a suborbital spaceflight aboard their VSS Enterprise spaceship.

The requirements to enter are that you are over 18 (slightly higher in Alabama, Nebraska and Mississippi and some provinces of Canada), that you have a valid Facebook account (be sure the name matches your government ID), and a valid email address.

You then have 500 characters to write about why you should go and up to 30 seconds of video to make your case. They even include videos from adventurer Bear Grylls and Richard Branson as examples :). I threw in some other favorite Land Rover/Virgin Galactic partnership videos to help get you excited and inspired too.

You then get to tag the three friends you would take along on the next great adventure with you. This could be the hardest part of the process. I think all of my friends want to go! Hopefully you have a good core crew to select and the others won't begrudge you too much.

You have until midnight on 2014 Oct 31 BST to get it all done! You can watch the videos below (at a minimum you should watch the first one, it's beautiful!) and go to the website now to start your own Galactic Discovery Application!

(Scroll all the way down to the photos below for a screen shot list of eligible countries.)

Full Disclosure: My husband is one of the judges and I recently was hosted by Land Rover in the UK to come and talk about potential education and outreach collaborations and got to tour their facility and drive on the Challenge Course in their cars (I also highly recommend checking out a Challenge Course near you...).