'Galactic Girl' Nose Art Comes to Life at Yuri's Night Los Angeles

  • Apr 21, 2014 9:21am GMT

Galactic Girl, the beloved pin up girl that is the 'Nose Art' for Virgin Galactic's SpaceShipTwo made a special appearance at this year's Yuri's Night Los Angeles event.

OK, so it was really just me. But I had a lot of fun coming up with the idea and getting Janet T. Planet to help design and execute the hardest parts including the full helmet, gloves and bodice! Special thanks also to Dan Coughlin for helping me get the DNA of Flight decals, to Rosalind Helfand for helping capture most of the pictures of me and to Julianna Parr for just being awesome!

Thank you also to Planetary Society, Subtractive, Virgin Galactic and AllThingsAero.com for being sponsors of the event! (and yes that is Karl Koeppen taking an iPhone photo in one of the shots). Additional shots of Monica Howe performing David Bowie's Starman (epic!), Professor LaCroix spinning under the Shuttle and George and I on the panel are courtesy of Steve Payne. The photo of NASA Astronaut Ron Garan on the panel with us is courtesy of Paul Fuller of Zero Gravity Cocktail Glass and the photo of Galactic Girl on SpaceShipTwo (cover photo) is courtesy of Robert Pearlman of CollectSpace.com!

You can see more photos of the event at the Yuri's Night Los Angeles Facebook group. We hope you can join us at a Yuri's Night event near you next year (usually around April 12th!) or you can plan your own! Learn more at www.yurisnight.net.