Inspiring New Exhibit At Canada Aviation & Space Museum

  • Aug 28, 2015 6:13am GMT

The impressive Canada Aviation and Space Museum just opened a new exhibit to coincide with the new school year. It answers the question, 'what is it like to live in space?' The exhibition tells the story of daily life aboard the marvel of technology that is the International Space Station (ISS). Visitors find out how the ISS works, through the eyes of the astronauts who’ve lived there. It includes many items from the Space station with a focus on Canada’s role in the international Space program.

Like the United States, Canada’s relatively low proportion of graduates emerging from science, math, computer science, and engineering disciplines is cause for concern. Canada gets a "C" grade and ranks 12th out of 16 countries. Only 21 per cent of Canada’s university graduates in 2010 were from science, math, computer science, or engineering disciplines, the third year of decline. Exhibits like this have been helping change that and could hopefully inspire more kids to chose STEM courses.

Visitors can experience what it’s like to climb inside the ISS, try on a space helmet and then take the ultimate “selfie” from inside the space station’s iconic Cupola including high definition background video that makes it look like they're oribiting the earth. The exhibit was developed by the Canada Aviation and Space Museum for the Canadian Space Agency. See an overview in the first video below and then tour it in the second with Canadian astronaut Jeremy Hansen.

Video 1: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, The International Space Station. Exhibit

Video 2: Canada Aviation and Space Museum, Life In Orbit. astronaut Jeremy Hansen visits the exhibition

Also at the museum is Space Shuttle Endeavour's Canadarm, the Canadian-built robotic arm, along with an impressive collection of aircraft. Particularly noteworthy is the collection of vintage bushplanes from the 1920s to the 1940s. The display includes military aircraft flown by Canadians in the First World War, Second World War, the Cold War along with the countries engagements in Kosovo, the Persian Gulf and Afghanistan with their CF-18 Hornet. There is also an exhibit of the surviving components of the Avro Arrow interceptor from the late 1950s.

Photos Below Video: Canada Aviation and Space Museum.

Its well worth a visit if you're in the national capital region.

Canada Aviation and Space Museum 11 Aviation Parkway, Ottawa, Ontario. Canada. K1K 4R3