Moffett's Hangar 1 Saved, But Who's Responsible?

  • Nov 10, 2014 7:44pm GMT

For generations, Hangar 1 at Moffett Field stood proudly over the Silicon Valley, originally built to protect fragile airships and blimps operated by the US Navy. Due to asbestos, the massive structure was threatened and only a skeleton remains.

For nearly a decade the structure was deemed excess and despite efforts from the community, Hangar 1 experienced a roller-coaster ride of on-again/off-again impending doom.

The unlikeliest of companies has finally come to her rescue. The tech giant, Google has just signed a 60-year lease on not only the hangar, but most of Moffett Field. The company's Planetary Ventures wing has signed a lease with NASA that lets it manage Moffett Federal Airfield, including three hangars, two runways and even a golf course.

At a cost of $6.3mil per year for the upkeep of the field, and $1.16bil in rent over the next 60 years along with $200mil to both restore the hangars and create a previously promised educational building that illustrates the airfield's role in Silicon Valley's past, Google now has an airfield of their own.