Walter White's New Territory, Space

  • Jul 17, 2014 11:10am GMT

Walter White set his sights on a new venture, space. The idea for his expedition came from employees at tvtag, an app that synchs online content with tv moments. Johnny Galbraith, marketing director, said the inspiration to send Heisenberg into the final frontier came from a companywide hackathon. “The intent of a hackathon is for all the smart engineers to code and create brilliant new products and features for our second-screen apps. Unfortunately (or fortunately), some of us don’t have a tech background, so instead of sitting around, we decided to launch a weather balloon with a TV character and film it.”

Fans then voted for tvtag’s space ambassador, a Walter White bobblehad. The launch team didn’t have any prior experience with high altitude balloons. “Bless the Internet. It was a blast learning about the process, equipment, and the overall planning required to launch,” said Galbraith. Walt’s mission brought him to an altitude of 85,000 feet while experiencing speeds up to 95 mph and temperatures as low as -65 degrees F (-54 C). You can even seen his glasses fog up at one point.

“We used a 1200g weather balloon, a SPOT GPS tracker, a high altitude data logger (tracks GPS, temperature, altitude, speed, etc.), and a 5 ft. parachute. We jimmy rigged a payload with a styrofoam cooler to hold all of the equipment, including two GoPro cameras attached to an external battery source.”

The team plans on doing more launches with additional TV characters. I asked Johnny about the possibility of involving students interested in technology and science and he said “we’d definitely love to involve inquiring minds.”

Who knows who we might see in space next, maybe the most famous bobblehead of all, Dwight Schrute.