Disney's Space Heroine Promotes Girls Coding

  • Dec 4, 2015 11:59am GMT

My favorite on-screen doppelgänger, Loretta Callisto can be seen every week on Disney Junior's show "Miles from Tomorrowland" with her brother Miles flying through the galaxy with their parents (who work for the Tomorrowland Transit Authority) having adventures and solving problems.

This weeks episode "The Discovery Expedition," which premieres today on Disney Junior features Loretta using her coding skills to discover a hidden planet. (It will also be available shortly via the Google Play store, Amazon Video, the Apple Play Store or wherever you buy your content!)

Disney released a fantastic featurette that will give you a taste of the power of the episode to get a new generation of girls excited about coding and some of the people behind the show who are helping make the magic happen. Check it out here.

"Miles from Tomorrowland" is a fantastic show that gets kids excited about space, science, exploration and learning. They have been to Mars, met the lead research scientist at the Neptune Station (voiced by Bill Nye the Science Guy), and learned about what the world looks like to aliens who see in the infrared spectrum through a character voiced by Star Trek's George Takei.

Please help us spread the word about the show and this episode far and wide to reach as many kids who would love to see it as possible! It is shows like this that can capture a kids attention at a young age and helps them create a life-long passion to cultivate. (Yes, that is what happened to me...)

Please tweet, post to Facebook, email your friends ect. You can use the Social Media tags: #LorettaCodes #MilesfromTomorrowland

While you are at it you should also check out the episode that "Miles from Tomorrowland" did that features Yuri's Night! I heard about it from a friend and loved it instantly! It's worth checking out as well. ("That is SO Yuri!")

Please do whatever you can to help tell Disney this is the kind of programming we want for our kids! The more kids watching the longer we can keep it on the air.

You can also go to the Miles from Tomorrowland website to watch videos, play games or download spacey activities! http://disneyjunior.disney.com/miles-from-tomorrowland