Men Are From Venus Women Go To Mars

  • Jan 8, 2016 6:31pm GMT

Ginny Graves of Glamour interviewed four female astronauts that cannot wait to step foot on Mars. For the first time NASA's latest class of astronauts is 50 percent female. Among the class are Nicole Aunapu Mann, 38, Anne McClain, 36, Jessica Meir, 38, and Christina Hammock Koch, 37 all under the age of 40.

According to Glamour, "NASA inducts a new class of prospective astronauts every four or five years, and competition is fierce. From application to acceptance, the process takes a year and a half and includes intensive psychological and medical testing. When these women were chosen for the class of 2013, NASA announced that they could be selected for an inaugural trip to Mars."

Although the mission is 15 years away, the equipment to build and train these astronauts are critical to deal with the harsh environment on Mars. Jason Crusan, director of advanced exploration systems for NASA claims, "Once they've landed, the astronauts will have to navigate giant dust storms, temperatures that can plummet to minus 284 degrees Fahrenheit in winter, and an atmosphere filled with cancer-causing galactic radiation." He also stresses, "When you go to Mars, you're going. You can't abort."

In the article you not only get a chance to learn about these fearless women but also the intense mission they may face going to Mars. These are not your average ladies by any stretch. They have already flown combat missions in Iraq, traveled to the South Pole, and braved the elements of Antarctica. The interview with the ladies is definitely entertaining to hear their comments and how the Mars experiment sounds like a spin off of being in a house like the reality TV show Big Brother or Survivor.

To learn more about these heroic female astronauts and where they come from check out Glamour. Photographs taken at NASA.