28 Years Ago Today, We Lost Challenger. Where Were You?

  • Jan 28, 2014 11:48am GMT

I was sitting in my 6th grade classroom in Santa Rosa, California. We were not watching live, but I remember the principal coming over the P.A. and making an announcement.

I remember being stunned, going home and watching the coverage on TV over and over again. I read everything I could about it. I was already very passionate about space at that point and remember telling people that I would still launch into space the very next day if I could. I did not waiver for a moment, even at 11 years old, that we should continue going into space.

Where were you that morning? What do you remember thinking and feeling? If you were not born, when did you first learn about the Space Shuttle Challenger explosion and how did it affect you?

The families of the Space Shuttle Challenger Astronauts came together after the accident to start the Challenger Center for Space Science Education. They now have over 40 centers around the world to give kids access to space mission simulations and education. You can go to www.challenger.org to learn more and to find a center near you.