French Air Traffic Control Strike Could Delay Hundreds of Flights Across Western Europe

  • Oct 9, 2013 9:49am GMT

The French Air Traffic Control has announced that they will be striking on Thursday, telling air carriers to reduce their schedules to and from Paris and points south from 4:00 am GMT to 6:00 pm GMT.

Network manager Eurocontrol has said that all five Air Control Centers in France will see significantly reduced staff tomorrow and that flights will be affected whether the originate or terminate in France or if they transit the area. Eurocontrol recommends that flights that have the ability to avoid French airspace tomorrow should do so.

This strike comes on the heels of negotiations between European controllers and the European Commission to cut costs. The European Air Traffic Controllers Union (ATCEUC) called off the strike when the European Commission signaled its willingness to negotiate further. The French controllers however did not call off their strike.

Across the board delays are expected in Europe tomorrow as a result of the strike, and Eurocontrol is working hard to put extra staffing in place in Air Control Centers adjacent to France to add capacity to the airspace.