What The Heritage Flight Is All About!

  • Mar 10, 2016 5:58am GMT

The Heritage Flight Public Affairs team have released a special video called the Robert Hertel Story. The story is told by the World War II veteran's daughter Peggy. (see video below)

The Air Force Heritage Flight Foundation celebrates U.S. air power history by providing 40–60 annual Heritage Flight (HF) demonstrations each year. Since its inception in 1997, the Heritage Flight program has supported hundreds of events and touched millions of people. The team currently consists of nine civilian pilots qualified to fly vintage warbirds in formation with modern USAF single-ship demonstration teams and F-4 pilots. Heritage Flights seek to honor the contributions of every man and woman who has served in the USAF while educating the general public on the importance of the USAF and its mission.

2016 Civilian Heritage Flight Pilots include Greg Anders, Jim Beasley, Jr., Kevin Eldridge, Dan Friedkin, Tom Gregory III, Steve Hinton, Vlado Lenoch, Charles "Tuna" Hainline and Tommy Williams. This year they will join the F-35 Team (Heritage Flights only in 2016), F-16 East and West and the F-22 Team in various unique formations.

The P-47 Thunderbolt in the video was restored by The Fighter Collection in the U.K. It is a Republic (license-built by Curtiss) P-47G called “SNAFU” that was recently disassembled in Duxford, crated and shipped to its new owner in the US, Comanche Fighters.

It has been painted to represent the aircraft flown by Lieutenant Severino B Calderon of the 78th in late 1944. The 78th destroyed 668 enemy aircraft and damaged more than 400 before victory in Europe was declared in May 1945.

Video: F-16 Viper Demo Team

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