USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH and The Blues

  • Sep 23, 2014 12:56pm GMT

USS GEORGE H.W. BUSH is currently conducting flight operations in the Arabian Gulf as part of the campaign against ISIS in Iraq and Syria. Last year, I had the great pleasure of flying with the Blue Angels as they conducted a photo shoot over the carrier while conducting operations in the Atlantic Ocean. (The carrier is in the background on the initial frames, and we pass it around 2:08 into the clip.)

The video is from a 2-seat F/A-18 as I fly alongside the delta formation with a photographer in the backseat from the Blue Angels' Public Affairs department. By chance, this F/A-18 is painted white as the Medal of Honor Jet by VMFAT-101, prior to its induction to transform into a Blue Angels demonstration aircraft. The photo is featured in this year's yearbook for those that have been to a Blue Angels show recently.

What is special about this day is that not only do we have the team flying over the carrier, but there are Blue Angels alumni on the flight deck below. These same pilots and maintainers of Blue Angels teams in the past are now on the pointy end of the spear taking it to the enemy. Godspeed and I hope they all return safely.