Phantom for Sale

  • Jan 12, 2016 5:26am GMT

This special F-4G.1 is for sale, XT597 was the last British operational Phantom II.

Take a walk around in the video and check out the cockpit in the photo gallery below.

Everett Aeronautical Engineers Ltd of Great Britain is among a wide range of purchasers of ex UK Ministry. They are selling the jet but if you're wondering what the price is you'll have to contact them.

XT597 first flew on the 1st of November 1966 and spent her entire life on various trials work, including the initial carrier suitability trials on USS Coral Sea. She became a laboratory aircraft from 1974 onwards and had the long nose probe fitted then. She was used as a high-speed chase and calibration aircraft and on retirement was earmarked for lightning strike trials before finally being donated to the Boscombe Down museum where she was one of the star exhibits. Sadly the museum's plans to open to the public on a regular basis stalled by a massive increase in rent and the Collection moved out leaving the F-4 behind. Efforts to get her to Bruntingthorpe and return her to ground running condition failed and she became one of the first F-4s to be disposed of to Everett Aero (in November 2012), who are now selling it..

The company also has another Phantom FGR.2 in stock along with a Harrier, Jaguar, Tornado, Provost, Strikemaster along with the cockpit & fusalage of a Eurofighter Typhoon! (see photo below video)