Door Gunner Shoots Down Drone

  • Aug 8, 2015 6:07am GMT

A MH-60R from Helicopter Maritime Strike Squadron 75 and an MH-60S from Helicopter Sea Combat Squadron 8 tracked and shot down target drones in a live fire exercise off the coast of Naval Base Ventura Country Point Mugu during Operation Black Dart.

Black Dart is the Department of Defense’s largest live fly, live fire counter unmanned aerial systems exercise held annually to bring all branches of the military and industry leaders together to evaluate technology in unmanned systems and counter unmanned systems.

Video: AirSource Military / U.S. Navy: video by Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Antonio Turretto Ramos and Lt. Ken Petkunas/ Released.

Black Dart is about drones and cutting-edge military technology. The military categorizes Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) by size and capability, from Group 5 drones that weigh more than 1,320 pounds and can fly above 18,000 feet like the Reaper, down to Group 1, mini- and micro-drones less than 20 pounds that fly lower than 1,200 feet. Previous Black Darts have covered threats to troops overseas and targets at home posed by drones of all sizes. But small drones are this year’s focus. Director of the 14th edition of Black Dart, Air Force Maj. Scott Gregg, director of the 14th edition of Black Dark, told the New York Post, “it’s taken on a new sense of urgency,” citing the quadcopter that a drunk crashed onto the White House lawn recently. With more than 80 countries now buying or building drones The Defence Intelligence Agency had to up their game. They conducted the first Black Dart exercise in 2002 under a veil of secrecy until 2013. Now run by the Joint Integrated Air and Missile Defense Organization (JIAMDO), with a $4.2 million budget, Black Dart’s existence was revealed in 2014, and select media were invited, “just to let everybody know that the Department of Defense is aware of this problem, we’re concerned about it and that we’re working on it,” Gregg added.