What's for launch?

  • Jun 25, 2015 8:54pm GMT

The newest U.S. nuclear powered aircraft carrier (USS Gerald R. Ford - CVN 78) has a brand new catapult system to launch the future of Naval combat air power. It's called the Electro-Magnetic Aircraft Launch System, or "EMALS" and it replaces a steam catapult design that's more or less been around since World War II.

The new system has the ability to launch a fully loaded F/A-18 Super Hornet, weighing nearly 70,000 pounds, from zero to 180 miles an hour in two seconds. The video shows an 80,000 pound dead load sled being launch off the bow cats.

So, do you have/know of 80,000 pounds worth of dead weight you would like to enter into the greatest rock skipping contest in the world?

How about a Greyhound bus load of your most infamous, milk money thieving, black-eye/fat lip/wedgie inducing bullies from school (including the penguin nuns that wore out wooden yardsticks on your knuckles and backside)?

The supervisors that made you work on Sundays, do your TPS reports in triplicate, and traded your Christmas bonus for the one-year subscription to the Jelly of the Month Club?

How about truckload of the saggy-pants teenagers that run to the intersection to push the button for the cross walk then, with a flashing "DON'T WALK" sign, cross the street, dragging their feet slower than a blue-hair in a walker, eyeballing you field testing your anti-lock brakes, as they write no-look tweets about their favorite twerking videos.

Whatcha got?