It's True! Top Gun 2 is a GO!

  • Jun 29, 2015 2:21pm GMT

Maverick is back! Cue up all your favorite Top Gun movie quotes because Tom Cruise may be playing a critical role in Top Gun 2.

Recently, David Ellsion, CEO of Sky Dance Productions discussed the long awaited project while in Berlin promoting "Terminator Genesys" and discussed whether or not Cruise will reprise his role 30 years later.

There is an amazing role for Maverick in the movie and there is no Top Gun without Maverick, and it is going to be Maverick playing Maverick. It is I don’t think what people are going to expect, and we are very, very hopeful that we get to make the movie very soon. But like all things, it all comes down to the script, and Justin [Marks] is writing as we speak.

Justin Marks also wrote the screenplay for "Street Fighter."

The rumors about the sequel involving drones is also true.

When you look at the world of dogfighting, what’s interesting about it is that it’s not a world that exists to the same degree when the original movie came out. This world has not been explored. It is very much a world we live in today where it’s drone technology and fifth generation fighters are really what the United States Navy is calling the last man-made fighter that we’re actually going to produce so it’s really exploring the end of an era of dogfighting and fighter pilots and what that culture is today are all fun things that we’re gonna get to dive into in this movie.

To read the full interview, check out Collider.

To get you psyched, here is the original trailer from 1986 mega hit and lots of Tomcat photos from the tip of the spear.