Who wants a U-2 ride?

  • Jul 5, 2014 7:03pm GMT

A few years back Top Gear (UK) presenter James "Captain Slow" May took a trip up to Beale AFB for a ride in a 9th Reconnaissance Wing U-2 Dragon Lady.

The great thing about Top Gear is that they often approach the world of cars 'through the eyes of a child.' Often times they also incorporate like-minded humor as well - which is probably one of the things that draws me to this program. That same child-like perspective and wonder are infused into this piece. You'll follow James through a few days of U.S. Air Force astronaut training that culminates in the ride of a lifetime.

Considering he's driven a Bugatti Veyron around Nurburgring at over 250 MPH, as well as having put the Ariel Atom (sub 3.0sec 0-60mph, sub 7.0sec 0-100mph) through the paces around the Top Gear track, the "Captain Slow" moniker seems a bit contradictory. And while the U-2 flight will not win him any speed records this is one of my favorite aviation productions that Mr. May and the BBC have put together.

For those that simply aren't patient enough to wait you can fast forward to about 22:35 and get to "the good part." Otherwise, sit back and enjoy the full experience.

I am completely jealous.