USAF vs. Godzilla... Yeah, I'd pay to see that.

  • May 11, 2014 2:52am GMT

Rebecca Maksel and a few select Airmen seem to think that the U.S. Air Force 18th Wing at Kadena AB in Okinawa has the right stuff when it comes to defending Japan from Godzilla, who is forecasted to return this summer.

When asked how many personnel and aircraft it would take to form cohesive offense against a kaiju of Godzilla's (properly pronounce "go-JEE-rah") stature it appears there maybe disagreement within the longstanding warfighter's enclave of Kadena.

SRA Hermann thinks it will probably take every ready-for-flight F-15 Eagle from both the 67th and 44th Fighter Squadrons, a four-ship of 33rd Rescue Sqd MH-60s with a couple of door guns and, wait for it... all the Marine Corps AH-1 Cobra's stationed down the street at MCAS Futenma - bless his heart! (Thanks, Gunslinger. Check's in the mail) Might take a little more than what we saw in the 67th's video.

According to MSgt Edwards, the magic number is SEVEN (period... 'dot'). Von Clausewitz would totally dig the simplicity. Seven what?... diplomats?

Oh... the arrogance of man. Nevertheless, still ready to rush into the atomic breath of the monster of all monsters.

DoD acquisition and procurement nerds: Get us more chem gear that protects us from radioactive atomic breath. STAT!

And if Godzilla finds his way back to the ocean? Hermann throws a shout out to the Navy. Standby Seventh Fleet. "Sun Tzu" Edwards thinks that, at the end of the day - NOT Chuck Norris - but a regiment of segue-mounted, slingshot-wielding, airman will be the champions.

Sun Tzu and Gunslinger, bring on Godzilla and the rest of the kaiju. I'm motivated to saddle up and head... I mean cranium... And GO down range!

You first though. I'll be right behind you.