Museum Launches First World War Game

  • Jan 4, 2016 5:46am GMT

Ace Academy: Black Flight was developed by SEED Interactive in partnership with the Canada Aviation and Space Museum, which helped make the accurate narrative and historical timeline. The game features major battles, locations, images and artifacts putting players in the cockpit of the era's aircraft. It's free and available at the Apple App Store or on Google Play.

As in most games players can unlock, upgrade and customize their aircraft as they attack airships, rail lines, convoys, and enemy bombers. They can also take on the top pilots of the era from the Red Baron to Billy Bishop and Eddie Rickenbacker.

The idea was to help promote Canada's national aviation museum, SEED Interactive uses 'gamified' experiences in hopes of turning passive observers into active participants through digital content.

The museum was specifically seeking a means of increasing retention on museum grounds, increasing the profile of the museum on an international scale, and creating digital content of museum assets that could be accessed by all Canadians.

SEED Interactive say on their website, "Our strategy was to create a mobile app that functioned like a game, but underlying the surface was a digital tour experience, designed to extend the audience stay by delivering digital content which would tie in directly to the exhibits. To further incentivize the users, a gesture based flying game was positioned at the end of the flight exhibit. Users were prompted to treat the app like flight school and rewarded with a full body flight experience when they ‘graduated’. The app was also designed to be a standalone experience so as to be accessible and useful offsite."

The Toronto firm has also done online digital experiences for Hellman's (which allowed users to select and raise 3D chickens through a gaming experience) as well as for Audi, Range Rover and some others.

Ace Academy: Black Flight has been a success, the app was featured on iTunes as a ‘best new app’, has already reached over 170 countries and over 15,000 downloads in Canada after a December release late last year.

The group says, "The metrics wildly exceeded expectations and we’ve recently agreed to produce three more products for museums in Canada. The app has also reached international attention and we are now looking to re-skin Ace Academy for other museums whose airmen fought in the first World War."

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