British Lancaster In-Flight Fire

  • May 9, 2015 8:01am GMT

The only airworthy Lancaster bomber in the UK and one of only two that remain flying in the world survived an engine fire while flying. The Battle of Britain Memorial Flight (BBMF) Lancaster "Thumper" landed safely at RAF Coningsby (where it is based) after fire broke out involving the right outboard engine during a training flight. The crew evacuated safely and the aircraft is being be assessed by engineers. Last year, the Canadian Warplane Heritage Museum's "Vera", the only other flying Lancaster, had a similar engine fire while touring the UK. The BBMF were able to lend the CWHM one of their spare engines to finish the tour and get the Lancaster back home. Hopefully "Thumper" can be fitted with another spare to continue their summer schedule.

Video below was captured by a wedding photographer traveling to a job. He posted it on YouTube writing, "The BBMF Lancaster on a practice run just before the engine fire. We have never seen it banking so sharply and flown in such an aggressive manner, note the surprise in our voices! It landed safely at RAF Coningsby taken (by) our wedding photographer colleague Christiaan Lowe and featured on the BBC's One Show and some national newspapers." Some of Christiaan's photos are posted below the video.

VIDEO & PHOTO CREDIT: Christiaan Lowe Photography