Manhattan, A New TV Series Debuts Sunday, July 27

  • Jul 27, 2014 10:34am GMT

Being hailed as the "best show on TV this summer," Manhattan follows a group of WWII era scientists as they develop the atomic bomb in Los Alamos, NM, for an assignment known as the "Manhattan Project."

The series, produced by Skydance Productions (of Star Trek: Into Darkness and Mission Impossible 4 fame), takes place years before Hiroshima in a location that was, at the time, completely classified. The show follows these scientists and their kept-in-the-dark families as they do the work that will lead to the world's biggest explosion, and hopefully end the war.

The Daily Beast writes:

Manhattan’s sepia aesthetic—befitting a vintage propaganda poster—beautifully and chillingly contrasts against the grimmer, more disturbing elements of its plot. There’s Frank Winter (The Big C’s John Benjamin Hickey), the passionate veteran killing himself and his relationship with his wife (The Ghost Writer’s Olivia Williams) by working so doggedly—too doggedly—on a bomb design, motivated by his altruistic conviction to bring the boys back from war.

As we know, the result of their work were the atomic bombs, "Little Boy" and "Fat Man" that were dropped on Japan in 1945 by two B-29s, the "Enola Gay" and "Bockscar."

The show premieres on WGN America on Sunday, July 27, at 9 PM (8 Central).

We'll definitely be watching! Will you?