It Doesn't Get Much Cooler Than a LEGO F-14!

  • Apr 21, 2014 3:23pm GMT

When most people think of a Tomcat, Maverick's F-14 comes to mind. When Ralph Savelsberg wanted to build a LEGO fighter jet, it was only natural this would be the result.

"The process was relatively painless. Building an aircraft at a different scale was interesting. Some of the solutions that I’m used to didn’t really work, so I had to be a bit more inventive. However, the larger scale does have advantages. I had a lot more room to work with, which meant I could incorporate a lot of techniques that I normally don’t have room for. It is 108 studs long, excluding the nose probe, and with the wings in their most forward position has a wingspan of 110 studs. This isn’t small by any means, but it’s also not quite so large that I had to worry too much about structural issues."

This isn't Savelsberg's first fighter, however. Check out his F-16! Or perhaps his P-38 & Zero.

For more images of the Tomcat, click HERE!