Typhoon Quick Reaction

  • Sep 1, 2015 4:58am GMT

BAE have just released new video highlighting the quick reaction and 24/7 operational readiness of the 20 units using the Typhoon around the world.

The swing-role and multirole combat aircraft has been developed by four aerospace companies, BAE (UK), Airbus Defence and Space (Germany), Alenia Aermacchi of Italy and Airbus Defence and Space (Spain). Each of the European Partner Companies has responsibility for different elements of the aircraft with production work-shares corresponding to the number of aircraft ordered by each nation. The partnership operates through Eurofighter GmbH, the company set up to manage the development and production of the Typhoon. BAE just released this video promoting the different nations using the jet and its operational readiness 24/7.

Video BAE Systems: Typhoon protecting your skies - Quick Reaction Alert

BAE / Typhoon Fast Facts.

A single load of Typhoon fuel can send a Ford Ka around the world 6 times

Typhoon can pull up to 9g which creates loads equivalent to no less than 30 elephants pressing down on the wings

From releasing its brakes a Typhoon can take off in under 8 seconds

Typhoon can be supersonic in under 30 seconds

Over the past twelve months, a series of capability upgrades and contracts have seen Typhoon further enhanced.

Photos: BAE