Remember Iran's Fake Nimitz Carrier? They Done Blowed It Up! (VIDEO)

  • Feb 25, 2015 3:39pm GMT

Nearly a year ago, we reported on Iran's odd desire to build a close replica of the USS Nimitz. It was thought to have been a possible propaganda piece.

Turns out, as the attached video suggests, they just wanted to blow stuff up. Unfortunately, as the multiple IRGC speedboats attacked the unarmed floating heap of metal, strategists failed to realize that had this been an actual demonstration of an attack on a US carrier, there would be resistance, a lot of resistance.

The attack was conducted by Iran's Revolutionary Guard and took place at the mouth of the Persian Gulf, a highly sensitive location where a fifth of the world's oil passes through. The exercise was known as the Great Prophet 9 drill and most likely staged to suggest Iran's defiance of future nuclear peace talks.

Cmdr. Kevin Stephens, spokesperson for the US Navy's 5th Fleet said the simulated carrier attack was being monitored by the US and that he was "not concerned about this exercise." He continued to say, "We're quite confident of our naval forces' ability to defend themselves." And that, "It seems they've attempted to destroy the equivalent of a Hollywood movie set."

Despite the lack of defensive engagement from the target, reports suggest the attackers still failed to sink it.