"Doilies for all my pilots!"

  • Aug 7, 2015 4:52pm GMT

Says North Korea's healthiest, and well-fed (if ever so slightly obese) citizen - and self-recognized demigod. Our friends over at Alert5 have recently learned that the North Korea Air Force (nK AF) installed a new, home-grown modification to some of their front line fighter and attack aircraft. According to Air Force Times article, "North Korean fighter pilots like ejection seat doilies", the United States Air Force does not (yet) appear to be concerned.

The screen captures from Alert5 show an nKAF MiG 29 FULCRUM (air-to-air fighter) and Su-25 FROGFOOT (air-to-ground attack aircraft) equipped with the cockpit modification. Clearly this implies that doilies offer advantages across a myriad of tactical missions.

America and remainder of the free world, do not fear! The United States Navy and Marine Corps are taking this new threat seriously and are raising their alert status in the region.