T-33 crash shadowed by JFK assassination finally receives crew memorial

  • Sep 4, 2014 1:02pm GMT

On Nov 23, 1963 a lone RCN T-33 took off from Victoria, BC headed out for routine instrument training, never to return. The loss of that crew and aircraft would be muted by the media storm covering the assassination of JFK less than 24 hours prior.

Finally after over 50 years, a memorial was erected to honor the loss of Lt. Norman Ogden and Lt. Donald Clark.

In a remote area of Mount Strachan, near the famous Cyprus Mountain ski hill on the North Shore of Vancouver, BC, a group of relatives, former squadron mates and CF members gathered to pay final respects.

The site still clearly manifests the tragic end of that flight, with much of the wreckage still strewn about the mountainside near what is now called the T-33 ski run.

Richard Dunn, a former RCAF fighter pilot, aviation historian and hiking enthusiast led the initiative to have the crash site memorialized.

Photo credit:Cindy Goodman, North Shore News

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