No One Said Drones Were Pretty

  • Jan 26, 2015 8:44am GMT

Russia's first full sized prototype of a new military hovercraft drone has been revealed. Apparently the "Chirok", or "Duckling" can land on water and is ready to be tested. A 1/5th scale model was presented at Russia’s International Aviation and Space Salon in August but the full size prototype will have a 10 meter wing span, fly up to 6km high, carrying more than twice its own weight of 330kg in “rockets and bombs” and will go into mass production next year. Most of the drone is made of carbon composite, while the “durable” inflatable cushion which allows the "Chirok" to land on water is made from a secret blend of materials which the manufacturer Rostec has not made public. The "Chirok" has a range of 2,500km in a single flight and it is intended to be weather proof including extreme cold. Russia has recently announced the construction of an arctic drone base 400 miles off the coast of Alaska. Sorry, but that is one ugly duckling.