U.S. Marines Announce 2015 Harrier and Osprey Demo Schedules

  • Feb 2, 2015 4:21pm GMT

WASHINGTON - The U.S. Marine Corps has selected 16 events to host the 2015 Harrier and Osprey demonstrations.

  • 21 Mar Melbourne Air and Space Show - Melbourne, FL MV-22
  • 21 Mar Los Angeles County Air Show - Lancaster, CA AV-8B
  • 28-Mar Tuscaloosa Regional Airshow - Tuscaloosa, AL MV-22
  • 18-Apr Thunder Over Louisville - Louisville, KY AV-8B
  • 18-Apr NAS Corpus Christi, South Texas Shoot-Out - Corpus Christi, TX MV-22
  • 2-May Dyess AFB Big Country Airfest - Abilene, TX AV-8B
  • 23-May Memorial Day Weekend Salute to Veterans Celebration - Columbia, MO MV-22
  • 3-Jul Radio Dubuque/Dubuque Jaycees Air Show and Fireworks - Dubuque, IA MV-22
  • 18-Jul Thunder Over Niagara Military Air Show - Niagara Falls, NY AV-8B
  • 24-Jul EAA AirVenture - Oshkosh, WI AV-8B
  • 25-Jul Fargo Airshow - Fargo, ND AV-8B
  • 31-Jul Seafair Air Show - Seattle, WA AV-8B
  • 22-Aug Wings Over Camarillo - Camrillo, CA MV-22
  • 29-Aug New York City Air Show at Coney Island - Brooklyn, NY AV-8B
  • 5-Sep Cleveland National Air Show - Cleveland, OH AV-8B
  • 3-Oct Wings Over North Georgia - Rome, GA MV-22

Last year, the Budget Control Act caused the cancellation of community outreach programs across the Department of Defense.

The Marine Corps has worked closely with the other Services and the DoD to create a revised, yet impactful way of connecting with the public, given consideration to current and future budgets.

The AV-8B Harrier and the MV-22 Osprey flight demonstrations are some of the most sought-after aerial demonstrations offered by the U.S. military.

Demonstrations are performed by the same aircraft and Marines who train and deploy in support of real-world contingencies.

For this reason, Headquarters Marine Corps selects a handful of events to receive the coveted demonstration during the annual AV-8B Harrier and MV-22 Osprey Flight Demonstration Board. http://community.marines.mil/community.

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