Medal Winning Belly Landing & Ejection

  • Jun 11, 2015 9:00pm GMT

Watch video of a Hungarian Gripen fighter jet belly landing and late ejection by the pilot. Hungary's defense ministry says Maj. Sandor Kadar is in stable condition. He was on a training run Wednesday in a Gripen JAS-39C when the aircraft's forward landing gear malfunctioned. Kadar ejected when he lost control of the aircraft on the ground at a military air base near Kecskemet. The jet is likely repairable and the rest of Hungary's fleet of Saab Gripen jets will be inspected. The ministry went on to say there was no link with a May 19 incident (see photos below video) when another Hungarian Gripen overran the runway at an airbase in the Czech Republic.

Video: amagyarhonvedseg (Hungarian Army) Photos: Can News