T-45 Goshawk Trainer Runs Out of Runway

  • May 22, 2015 9:55pm GMT

A US Navy T-45 Goshawk trainer ran off the runway during a take-off attempt at NAS North Island in San Diego around 2pm PST.

"Local mariners safely recovered the pilot from San Diego Bay," Naval Air Forces Public Affairs said in a written statement. "The aircraft was conducting routine training in advance of aircraft carrier landing qualifications prior to the mishap."

The pilot, assigned to Training Squadron NINE (VT-9) out of Naval Air Station Meridian, Mississippi, was admitted to the hospital and then released.

This certainly isn't the first time an aircraft has overrun the runway at NAS North Island. On August 27, 2004, an F-18 from VF-151 went into the drink around 2045 local time. The pilot ejected and was unhurt.

As we enter this Memorial Day Weekend, everyone at ATA is thankful the pilot escaped unharmed and hopefully will continue with their training. With that being said, anyone care to guess the pilot's new call sign?