UPDATE: Pilot Identified in California Jet Crash

  • Oct 29, 2014 8:57pm GMT

Authorities have confirmed that former Air Force pilot, Charles "Shaggy" Rogers died in Wednesday's crash of a Navy contracted Hawker Hunter.

ABC 7 reports The retired seasoned fighter pilot had just finished playing the role of an enemy aircraft in an off-shore training exercise and was preparing to land, ATAC spokesman Matt Bannon said. The plane is a MK-58 Hawker Hunter, a British jet which was first developed in the 1950s

The FAA has confirmed a Hawker Hunter MK.58 crashed Wednesday afternoon near Naval Station Ventura County in Southern California.

According to local media reports and the Ventura Fire Department, the pilot did not survive the crash.

The single seat jet crashed in a farm field. No one on the ground was hurt.

The plane belongs to ATAC which provides the Department of Defense contract adversarial and training support.

NTSB and FAA are investigating the cause of the crash.