What Are the Odds?

  • Sep 5, 2013 8:58am GMT

Last night my good friend Luke Lambard, a first officer for Southwest Airlines, was on his way home from work in his A36 Bonanza when a most unusual thing happened. While sitting there fat, dumb, and happy, enjoying the smooth night air at 9500ft, he was startled when the airspeed indicator suddenly went to zero. He landed without incident, assuming that something wasn't reconnected at the annual only 2 flight hours ago.

After landing, a brief inspection revealed a most unlikely culprit. A bee had met his maker by going head first right down the middle of the pitot tube. Now what are the odds of that? First of all the sky is a pretty big place, a very big place in fact. Think of all the other places that bee could have been at that exact moment in time. On top of that, it was midnight and 9500ft! When was the last time you hit a bee at 9500ft? It's been a while for me. Luckily we have photographic proof, or I wouldn't even tell this story. Luke took my advice and headed right down to the 7-11 to pick up a Powerball ticket. All I want is a ride on his Global Express, as long as it has a backup pitot tube!