What's Your Aviation Inspiration?

  • Nov 17, 2013 7:49am GMT

We are all nerdy when it comes to something we cherish, and we love to hear others get nerdy about a shared passion.

As helicopter pilots we feel each step of the process of learning to fly is the most impossible task to accomplish, yet we are so inspired to make it to the next level. First comes learning to hover, and every instructor makes it look so easy. We are fighting the controls with all our muscle and our knuckles are turning white. Then when you are talking to your instructor, it hits you, you are hovering without even thinking about it. Next up the instructor asks you to talk on the radio while you are flying, and when you pull the trigger, all that comes out is word vomit. When you finally are able to fly and talk on the radio, you are challenged to navigate as well...how is this possible? And yet somehow it all happens and you are amazed you can do it all at the same time. Then there is the moment you realize you've graduated to an adult aviator. Times in combat when you are aviating, navigating, communicating and dodging bullets all while carrying passengers, a sling load and max weight, landing to a tight landing zone that browns out at a hover - and making it out alive. Then you do it all again everyday for a year. Looking back on these experiences I feel proud and inspired to achieve more.

Whether it's Learning to fly, jumping out of planes, soaring to space, or anything else in the sky, what is your most inspiring aviation moment? Or your inspiration for loving aviation?