Video: Hard Landing! Cirrus Parachutes In And Avoids Hitting Building

  • Mar 8, 2016 1:57pm GMT

HAUPPAUGE, Long Island - On Sunday a father and daughter had a hard landing after their parachute deployed from their Cirrus SR22. Luckily they floated down right next to a building that could have easily ended in disaster.

Louis Obergh was piloting with his daughter inside lost engine power about 2,000 feet in the sky. On the GMA video you can here Obergh radio for help to the tower as he lost power and deployed a parachute attached to the plane.

According to Eyewitness 7 News, "I didn't even know until today that planes even had parachutes," said Suffolk County Police Commissioner Tom Sini.

The father and daughter were returning home from looking at colleges. They were heading back to Republic Airport in Farmingdale when they ran into trouble and landed 8 miles from the airport.

With relief, "We got lucky, very lucky. Never expected to ever have a problem like this," said Obergh.

Although shaken up, both passengers walked away unharmed with Louis Obergh suffering a minor cut.

For more on the story visit ABC 7 and ABC News. Video posted by Jeff K. Photos by Stringer News Service.