Snowboarder Towed By A Plane

  • Nov 12, 2015 5:05am GMT

Speed Snowboarder Jamie Barrow of the UK was towed at 125kph or about 78 mph by a plane at Engadin Airport, near St Moritz, Switzerland. Why? Well, because!

The original idea was to have the plane to take off, stay low and develop even more speed but it was deemed too dangerous. So Swiss pilot Duri Jos had to say on the ground in his PC-12 and drag Jamie along the tarmac instead.

After Jamie saw a 100-year-old photo of a skier being towed by plane around a frozen lake in St Moritz he was inspired to give it a try on his snowboard and set a new world record for speed. He wanted to do it in the same spot but the ice was unstable so they used the nearby airport instead.

Last year Jamie broke two records in one day – riding a frozen lake in St Moritz at 50mph using electric jet-engines then being towed behind a car at 70mph.

And he hasn't given up on the idea of the plane taking off! He hopes to try the stunt again. He's currently looking into the regulations and trying to find a way.