• Mar 8, 2016 8:08am GMT

Paragliding and golf as well as soccer, tennis, basketball even bowling from the sky? Martin Schricke and Francois Ragolski have started a second season of their web series "Don't Try This At Home" from their paragliders.

Francois has been a paraglider aerobatic pilot since 2007 and the 3 times world cup winner. Martin describes himself saying, "I’m speed rider, paragliding pilot, kite surfer, skydiver & I love with many other sports. I Love discovering the world , enjoy the nature and share it with other people."

Sure this is a web based promotion for Teclib' highlighting their values of freedom and respect for the environment but it's also fun if a little weird.

Paragliding is one of the few disciplines that can be practiced unlicensed and with these guys anything goes as you'll see in the video below. I wonder if the Para-golf idea will ever take-off?