Flight Of Passage Teaser & Update

  • Nov 25, 2015 10:24am GMT

Henry Saine whipped up this awesome teaser for all the Indiegogo contributors who helped fund the Flight Of Passage project he and Colin Ebeling are working on. The two are making a short film of Rinker Buck's story.

(see my earlier post)

"From the bottom of our hearts, thank you for supporting our dreams! We cannot wait to share the final product with you!" the duo posted to the crowdfunding site along with the video below.

Colin told me today that they are shooting for a January launch saying, "We're hoping to premiere a 3 minute sizzle at the Legends Of Aviation dinner in January and then do a screening of the full short the next night at a theater in LA."

Sean D. Tucker has been cast as Hank the Stearman Man as you can see in the cover photo above and the teaser below while Rinker Buck will be played by Zach Callison and Kern Buck will be played by Joseph Schirle. (see photos below the video).

Henry Saine told me, "Tucker was great! The man is already so full of warmth and charisma that I was hoping if I could just capture a little bit of that magic and passion, he’d be great for Hank. Sean ended up surpassing all my expectations and brought so much humor to the role. On camera, Tucker has such a strong presence that really shows the impact Hank’s character has on the boys. I know he goes all in with every aspect of his life, but to watch him do it with acting, something outside his normal wheelhouse, was pretty impressive. He really inspired our two young actors, Zach and J.J., to up their game and also want to start flying. On the flip side it was fun watching Tucker be inspired by the boys, always wanting to learn more about acting from their perspective."

And he's impressed with the young actors adding, "I also loved watching Zach and J.J. work with the actual Rinker Buck, who came out to New York to support the film and act in a cameo as a surly crop duster. (see photo below) One of my favorite days on set was watching Rinker teach Zach - who was playing Rinker at age 15 - how to safely throw the prop on a Piper Cub. Rinker mentioned later that the whole experience made him realize just how crazy and dangerous it was for him to have flown across the country at that age.

Saine says the film is almost finished, "We have a couple of insert shots with John Nuemann, our Piper Cub stunt pilot, that will help round out an opening sequence, but all our principal photography is done. Oddly, our last day with the main crew wasn’t in a plane, but a fun little scene in a ’65 Ford Mustang."

He is satisfied with the results saying, "Its turning out incredible. We’ve shot some really great footage in both Los Angeles and New York with our D.P., Cameron Cannon. In New York, Billy Richards was so amazingly gracious. He not only let us use his planes and his airport, but also his helicopter to get us some awesome aerial footage! His whole family of filmmakers out there were so vital to getting this short made, most importantly, the impossibly generous Tracey Bartels. We truly couldn’t have made this without their help."