Dramatic Spectacle "The Conquest Of The Air" In Paris

  • Feb 6, 2016 6:18am GMT

While the biennial Paris Air Show is on its 'off' year there is still plenty to see for the aviation fan. From April 9th to the 14th, the Grand Palais in Paris will host a high tech show dedicated to flight called THE CONQUEST OF THE AIR. It was in the nave of the Grand Palais that the first airplane was presented in Paris so with its history and huge 240 metres (2600ft) of exhibition space it is the perfect spot to house the spectacle.

Giant HD screens, 360° projection over 3,000 sq.m., laser effects and surround sound effects will create visual sensations based on aviation with an original soundtrack that is being specially composed for the show. (see video teaser and photos below)

From the brilliant and prolific Marcel DASSAULT to the most legendary airplanes, from the heroes of the French airmail service, Aéropostale to fighter pilots, the show will go over the best moments through a symphony of sight and sound, a bridge between the past and the future.

France played a leading role in aviation with its pioneers and heroes such as Santos-Dumont, Saint-Exupéry, Guynemer and Roland Garros. There are also the engineers and companies who have been at the leading edge of innovation for a century now. One of the most reputed, Dassault Aviation, is the exclusive partner of the event.

Bruno Seillier, the creator of La Nuit aux Invalides and Les Luminessences d’Avignon, brings an original visual and acoustic symphony. The production, a combination of sequences of airplanes in flight, image archives, computer graphics and monumental video, is supported by three unusual actors: three airplanes!

To celebrate its centenary, Dassault Aviation has teamed up with Amaclio for the show to share this anniversary. Six phenomenal evenings to celebrate the rise of aviation, from the first flight of pioneers to today's drones.

Video Teaser: AMACLIO Under the glass roof of the Grand Palais, the thud of the fall of Icarus still resounds, like the echo of man's eternal desire: fly… And already, the flights of pioneers are filling the crowds with wonder, 1914 fighters clash in the Verdun sky, one day the sound barrier is broken. However, beauty always responds to technical progress: an avatar of the bird and the mythological creature dazzles and fascinates.


APRIL 9 TO 14. PERFORMANCES EVERY NIGHT 9 PM PRESALE: Full rate: 25€ reduced rate: 19€ ON SITE: Full rate: 27€ reduced rate: 21€ FREE for children under the age of 7 SCHOOL GROUPS: 16€