First In Flight - Teaser / Sizzle

  • Sep 13, 2013 9:04am GMT

This teaser was made the summer of 2012 to use as a fund raising mechanism for the thesis film, FIRST IN FLIGHT, made out of the American Film Institute. We spent a total of $250 (not including car gas) and all of that was spent on the one helicopter shot over the Monterey / Seaside sand dunes.

Beggars can't be choosers.... when we have a limited budget, more leg work is required. We had to literally travel all over Northern Cali to make this little teaser happen. We found a 1900 Ford Model T and 1900 bicycle in Santa Rosa, CA... dunes / helicopter outside of Seaside, CA... a horse in Carmel Valley... a steam engine train in Redwood City...

"Guerrilla filmmaking" certainly bonded the team together. The amazing collaborators on this project were Brandon Hess, the director, Petr Cikhart, the cinematographer, Whitney Donald, the production designer, and Eugenio Richer, the editor.

In order to properly tell a story about the two brothers who made flight possible, I felt it imperative for every team member to get a true taste for flight. On our way up north from Los Angeles, we made a pit-stop in King City at the Tutima Academy and every team member got their turn to fly aerobatics with either my dad or airshow pilot, Bill Stein. Their worlds were certainly turned up side down!

Stay tuned for more on FIRST IN FLIGHT!