Trappe To Attempt Atlantic Crossing in Cluster Balloon

  • Sep 11, 2013 9:54am GMT

Lighter-than-air pilot Jonathan Trappe is getting ready to attempt his biggest adventure yet, a crossing of the Atlantic Ocean in a cluster balloon.

Trappe, known for his previous cluster balloon flights across the English Channel and the Alps, is in Caribou, Maine, awaiting appropriate weather for the oceanic crossing. He hopes to make the record-setting attempt as soon as the weather allows. Although there have been previous oceanic crossings, his flight will be the first ever attempt to cross the Atlantic in a cluster balloon aircraft.

For the crossing Trappe will use a modified life raft as the main hull of the aircraft. A volunteer ground crew will help him inflate the 350+ helium balloons required for the flight.

"I am here, in Maine, with the balloon system -- waiting for the weather to come that will allow me to cross the big blue deep," says Trappe on his website. "I hope to have the opportunity to float in the footsteps of the great pilots that have gone before."

The latest updates on his trans-Atlantic flight can be found by following Jonathan Trappe on his Facebook page.