New DIRECTV Blimp to Light up the Skies in 2014

  • Mar 7, 2014 8:43pm GMT

Blimpologists will soon have a new, more advanced species to study as they scan the skies this spring. The DIRECTV blimp adorned with new, high-tech plumage – the world’s only 2,100-square-foot LED Lightsign screen – began its annual tour March 1.

DIRECTV’s aerial ambassador remains the only airship in the world equipped with this one-of-a-kind Lightsign technology featuring 4,200 LED boards and 235,200 LEDs. The new ship will have a GPS system and webcam to capture footage throughout the blimp’s travels. The newly upgraded systems will allow the DIRECTV blimp to operate with greater daytime brightness and visibility.

“The DIRECTV blimp has been a prominent fixture at many of the nation’s largest sporting events since 2007,” said Jon Gieselman, SVP, Marketing and Advertising for DIRECTV. “But this new technology-rich airship will be a far more spectacular sight in the sky and is sure to stop people in their tracks as they look up at this amazing new sight.”

The new DIRECTV blimp will also host various children’s charities, providing patients a temporary break from serious medical conditions and a once-in-a-lifetime experience onboard the blimp.

“We’ve been hard at work for more than a year making this new DIRECTV blimp the most sophisticated, eye-popping aerial media platform anyone has ever seen,” said John Haegele, CEO, Van Wagner Airship Group. “We believe the new airship will make a statement about DIRECTV’s technological excellence and unparalleled TV viewing experience as it travels to cities and major events across the U.S. throughout the year.”