The ICON Experience

  • Jul 16, 2015 5:19pm GMT

The world of Light Sport Aircraft (LSA) were devised with the sole purpose of inspiring future aviators to acquire their license with a slightly thinner wallet than those seeking a standard pilot’s license. But along with a smaller expense came a slightly less optioned aircraft. Hearing the name ‘Rotax’ caused some seasoned pilots to cringe while others saw an opportunity.

Some light sport aircraft were a hit, like the Evektor and the Remos. Others didn’t do so well, like the Cessna Skycatcher. But one in particular defined what a Light Sport was supposed to be; innovative, easy to fly, and most of all, safe!

ICON Aircraft, soon to be based out of Vacaville, CA, is everything an LSA is supposed to be. The A5 is just as much a mode of transportation as it is a toy; a fun and exciting piece of machinery that truly has no equal. One look at the instrument panel brings immediate familiarity to even the non-pilot. From the intuitive layout of the gauges to the fighter-like throttle controls, the aircraft is inviting with a very small learning curve.

Recently, ICON invited five aviation journalists to Lake Berryessa in Northern California to be the first outside of ICON to fly the aircraft. As expected, there were accolades throughout. From the stall-resistant wing to the maneuverability of the aircraft while on water, the ICON A5 proved to be what everyone hoped it was, an answer to the LSA compromise.

Keep an eye out for more reviews by your favorite aviation publication such as EAA, AOPA, Flying, Plane & Pilot and SeaPlane Magazine as well as a behind the scenes look at the ICON photoshoot. And be sure to check out the ICON Aircraft booth at this year’s EAA Airventure Fly-in as they donate their Proof of Concept (POC) aircraft to EAA.