Sport Aviation Expo Highlights Fun and Simple Flying

  • Jan 25, 2016 2:48pm GMT

In the land of racetracks and orange groves sits an airport that hosts the annual gathering of those that prefer their flying to be simple and fun.

The Sebring Regional Airport in Sebring, Fla. hosts the Sport Aviation Expo, which is the annual convention for the light-sport community. Aircraft manufacturers can show off their current and new aircraft, and prospective buyers can see their options up close and personal. Taking the airplane for a test flight was an easy option too with demo flights flying throughout the day.

Numerous learning seminars were also available to help educate attendees on aircraft ownership, homebuilding, maintenance, and other helpful topics. The expo also embraced the adaption of UASs into the industry with a drone display and demo area in one of the large hangars.

For being a smaller niche in the aviation community the Sport Aviation Expo seemed to be well attended by both industry companies and general attendees. It’s nice to see so many people passionate about light sport aviation. And the variety of aircraft, from the Merlin PSA to the Super Legend Cub HP, provides enough variety for whatever kind of fun flying you may be interested in.

Below is a quick timelapse video of the exhibitors at the expo along with some photos of the different sights on the grounds. Warmer weather is slowly approaching, so it was nice to see all the different aircraft and dream about the upcoming flying adventures.