The Perfect Heli For The Man From U.N.C.L.E.

  • Aug 20, 2015 2:29pm GMT

Hields Aviation's 1960 Hiller helicopter makes an appearance in Guy Ritchie's 'The Man From UNCLE' movie. It was also featured in the Bond film, Goldfinger. Honor Blackman (as Pussy Galore) played the villain’s pilot in the 1964 movie, flying an Atomic Bomb to Fort Knox (see photo below the video). The Hiller has the perfect period look and is for hire. Pilot Rob Hields leads the production team and can be seen flying the chopper from the middle seat (see photo below) in Ritchie’s new film.

There are very about 3 or 4 Hiller helicopters remaining worldwide and for about 470 dollars USD you can book a 90 minute flight. After a short briefing, you will experience for yourself the unique handling characteristics of the Hiller under Rob's expert guidance. Using the dual controls, you will be mentored by Rob on the art of Hiller flying. They are based on the airfield of Sherburn, mid way between Leeds and the City of York in the U.K.

Allensway, a UK recycling firm transported the helicopter to Rome and packed it in bubble wrap for the 3,000-mile journey for three weeks of filming. The helicoper appears in two scenes, one at a castle near Naples and a second north of Rome, at an ancient summer retreat once used by the Pope.

Here’s a few facts and a brief history of the helicopter a veteran of film and television appearances across fifty years, from Hields Aviation.

In 1960 rolling of a factory production line of the Hiller Aircraft Corporation in California USA was a brand new aircraft. Then only known by a construction number of 2070 the aircraft would become familiar in movies across the years. Gaining a UK certificate of registration in 1962, aircraft number 2070 became known as G-ASAZ, a registration mark that it would keep until this day.

Owned and operated by Rent-A-Copter Limited of Lowndes Street, London, less than a year later in 1963, G-ASAZ launched her film career with a debut appearance in the movie ‘The VIP’s alongside were Hollywood co-stars Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton. Preferring the limelight to a cold dark hanger it was no more than a year on before we see her adorn the silver screen again, this time on the 1964 blockbuster Bond Movie ‘Gold Finger’.

Like so many bands in the sixties who topped the charts with one and were never heard of again, G-ASAZ was to fall into the shadows. For the next 35 years G-ASAZ passed through a variety of owners and led a relatively uneventful low profile life in service.

Present owner Robert Hields of Hields Aviation met Yorkshire Air Museum’s Director in Elvington at a Special Air Service Dinner. It was suggested over the course of the evening that an airworthy classic aircraft could well serve the museum with public transport operations, so the project began.

Firstly a suitable machine had to be found and by chance Mr Hields spotted a non flying G-ASAZ at a facility in Bedford. G-ASAZ had been neglected but was still able to project her potential to her prospective buyer and her star studded history helped capture the imagination of Robert Hields.