Crazy Christmas Tree Harvest With a Helicopter

  • Dec 11, 2013 3:56pm GMT

I'm not sure if this pilot is amazing, in a big hurry for the holidays, or just plain nuts! After watching the video I'll let you decide which category he or she falls under. I'm betting it was just before the "Black Friday" deals kicked in. In all seriousness however, that poor engine is screaming upon pickup and just prior to the tree being released. The maneuvers reminded me of another video I had seen quite awhile back. It consisted of a helicopter trying to tow a motor boat which experienced mechanical issues. Unfortunately the pilot in the boat incident wasn't prepared for a dynamic rollover. Pivot point, rolling motion, and exceeding the critical angle is all that's needed to find yourself in a hairy predicament. However, no major problems occurred for this tree slinger. Not to mention the wicked skill and efficiency. The trees end up being delivered to the excitement of little kids and adults alike. And for people like you and me, we get to watch a pretty cool video. Enjoy!