A Look Inside the Tetra 15 Glider

  • Nov 19, 2013 3:49pm GMT

This is the Tetra 15 a glider built by Brad Hill using the molds from the HP-24 project. If you were flying sailplanes in the 60s-70’s you probably remember the HP design and Dick Schreder. But we won’t go in chronological order here. Lets fast-forward to Jan 2012 in Arlington Washington where the Tetra 15 first took flight. This is the only kit-built composite glider currently being produced in the United States, the kit form is from HP Aircraft and called the HP-24 Bob Kuykendall and group nearly have a kit HP-24 flying. Most of the gliders you will find flying in the US are coming from Germany and a few other European countries. In the past other US companies have offered kit built gliders, the most successful was by far Dick’s HP designs. Bob Kuykendall started in April 2001 posting updates on the HP-24 project. We will get caught up with Bob soon.

The Tetra 15 is a carbon-fiber sailplane that Brad and Bob built, It is registered as a homebuilt experimental glider. He has not had done a formal performance glide calculation, however the performance is matched with other gliders where their factory claims 42:1. We can safely say that the Tetra 15 is a very good 15meter glider, with plans to have 18meter extensions, for your cross-country flying, local contest, weekend warrior pilots, this sailplane is IDEAL, plus if you are into building what you fly then you are in luck!!! The best part is that new, it is not 6 figures like a new German glider is. The handling is wonderful and easy to fly. Brad has made some great flights with it this season, accumulating roughly 400 hours these last two seasons. Hopefully this spring I will take Brad up on his offer and give a personal report of the handling characteristics.

To view more pictures on the HP-24 project, inquire about kits, and see the progress please visit their website and Facebook page. Photos courtesy of Brad and Bob.