4th Generation Glider Pilot Soloed on 14th Birthday

  • Jul 30, 2014 11:21pm GMT

In a glider you can solo at the age of 14, an incredible accomplishment for many. Some come from an aviation family, others are the odd ones and take up flying with no family members involved. However the Franke family has had a long history of Glider Pilots. Alex Franke is a 4th Generation Glider Pilot who soloed on this 14th Birthday July 28, 2014. Sean, his Father, had the honor as a flight instructor to solo him. To all of our knowledge Alex is the first 4th Generation Glider Pilot. Pictured is the traditional bucket (we used 5 buckets) of ice water, the moment of truth as he lines up on base, the 3 active glider pilots and 1 there in spirit, another tradition of loosing his shirt tail.