My Favorite Aviation Photos From 2014

  • Dec 31, 2014 11:00am GMT

Capturing aviation in its various forms is challenging, exciting, and highly entertaining. This year I had the opportunities to photograph different aviation subjects from around the country. Looking back at the various photos there are a few that stand out as my favorite. Not necessarily because they are my best, but because of personal appeal, the photo's subject, or the story behind how it was shot.

Below are some details as to why I chose each photo. If you would like to follow more of my photo work you can find me on Facebook under 12 O'Clock Level Photography.

I wish you all a happy new year and hope 2015 brings you a warm sun, clear skies, and fun flying!



Photo 1-- The photo is mediocre at best, but the subject is what makes this one of my favorite photos. The aircraft is not the real "Panchito" but a scale model built and flown by Paul LeTourneau. The extreme detail made it beauty both in the air and on the ground.

Photo 2-- My friend Tim took me up on a cold day near Oshkosh in his ski equipped Challenger II--an airplane that I have had a crush on since I was 10 years old. Needles to say, the flight was awesome. But even though I dressed warm and the plane had a cabin heater (sort of) I was cold-soaked to the bone for the majority of the day. Still worth it.

Photo 3-- This was a shot we had hoped to get during the photo flight briefing, and we got it in the nick of time. Starting with this frame in the sequence the door frame can bee seen in the photo. Luckily, a little cropping saved the shot.

Photo 4-- I'm from the midwest, so cold weather doesn't really bother me. And lucky for me it doesn't bother electric R/C airplanes either. When I arrived at the flying field this evening I was greeted with two feet of soft smooth snow, a beautiful sunset, and huge icicles on the front of the clubhouse. It made for a very memorable evening.

Photo 5-- EAA AirVenture is an aviation photographer's utopia since it is such a diverse event. But since there are thousands of other photographers shooting the same event I have been trying to steer away from the more cliche photos and looking for something different. This shot is a reprise from one I did a few years ago and shows a lot of the things I love about AirVenture.

Photo 6-- There are so many things in this shot that make it one of my favorites. In no particular order: Sean D. is awesome. Look at how big this event is! My friend Aaron is riding in the front seat. Sean and Aaron have the biggest smiles. The ultralight runway is visible. You can see my campsite in Paul's Park (camping is the best part of AV in my opinion).

Photo 7-- After many years of trying I finally made it down to the legendary event Efest in Champaign, Ill. I was hoping to get an establishing shot with a model and an event sign for my story. Through some planning and a lot of luck this beautiful model built and flown by Jim Fassino lined up perfectly for me to get the shot.