Aviation and Friends

  • Dec 2, 2014 11:12pm GMT

Hey guys, I'm making a come back here on ATA! I just bought a new computer so now there's no excuses not to post! Coming up is a summary of what I have been doing this past year in aviation and the experiences along the journey.

Aviation is an amazing thing to be a part of without a doubt. What makes it so great - even more than airplanes, is the people that we share this passion with. I cannot name a single pilot I know who doesn't have a friend in aviation. For all of us, somewhere in our journey, there has been an individual(s) who made a difference - they have encouraged, promoted, and pushed us, therefore, I am contributing this article for my friends who are a part of my aviating life.

These are but a few of my close aviation friends who I have much respect for.