Complacency in Checklists

  • Sep 30, 2013 9:32pm GMT

When climbing into the Piper Pawnee the other day I was disappointed to see the Master was still on. We will ignore the fact that I potentially could have been the one who climbed out of the plane last. Thankfully there was enough battery and propping 235HP was not necessary, which is not the same as propping a little 80HP engine from my Cessna 140. But this really goes back to simple checklists. It seems that no matter how simple they are we still don’t do them, forget, skip items, get distracted, become complacent, answer a text… Whatever the excuse is, it really just boils down to not paying attention to the task at hand. What is that saying about landing gear up? "Those that have and those that will..." I am not going to go into the safety reasons for not doing a checklist properly or what checklists are best. We all know that the consequences can be deadly.

So as a simple reminder to pay attention, Mixture, Master, Mags, my 3 year old is reminding us how it’s done.